Individual And Family Immigration Services

At the Law Offices of Courtney Campbell, we strive to bring families together across international borders as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Our firm represents couples in the United States seeking to obtain permanent residence for a foreign national spouse. Likewise, we help individuals sponsor their fiancé(e) or spouse for immigration to the United States by helping them obtain a Fiance'(e) or Spouse Visa to bring them to the United States.

Finally, we help families bring adopted children to the United States through the International Adoption process. With a breath of knowledge in American law, foreign law and international treaties, we are uniquely qualified to help facilitate the immigration process.

With different laws, agencies and levels of scrutiny involved, the permanent residence process can be a challenging and difficult one. Our firm makes the process as smooth as possible. With our knowledge and experience of laws and agencies, we save our clients considerable time and money, and can ensure the process is completed accurately.

To consult with a qualified immigration attorney, contact our Indianapolis office by calling 317-643-5412 or filling out the form online.

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