Business Immigration

In order to compete and grow in a global marketplace, a business needs to employ the best talent. At times, the best talent may be a foreign national. The Law Offices of Courtney L. Campbell have assisted businesses obtain visas for foreign nationals for Employment, both on a temporary or permanent basis. With the best talent, not only will the business expand but the American economy will also expand, creating more demand for American workers.

Conversely, a foreign national may want to open a business in the United States. The Law Offices of Courtney L. Campbell has helped several foreign nationals from a wide array of countries open a business in the United States through business Investment. Foreign investment in the United States likewise stimulates the economy and creates more opportunities for American workers.

Attorney Courtney Campbell has extensive experience helping entrepreneurs, traders, businesses and employees secure the documents they need to immigrate to this country. To consult with a knowledgeable business immigration lawyer, call 317-643-5412 or contact the firm online.

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