Business Growth

As your business takes off, you have many decisions to make. One way of expanding your business is franchising. With franchising you use the labor and capital of other people to grow your business. Franchising allows a business to quickly achieve a dominant market share and increase the value of your business.

In order for a business to franchise, the relationship between franchisor and franchisee must be a mutually advantageous arrangement. While paying royalties to the franchisor, the franchisee must be able to earn a good return on investment. Conversely, royalties must be sufficient for the franchisor to provide support services to the franchisee.

Our firm has established relationships with experience franchise consultants to first determine the feasibility of franchising before deciding to launch a franchise program. In addition, our firm also has relationships with franchise brokers to help you sell franchises once your franchise program is operational.

Our firm assists the franchisor in the following ways:

  • Formation of Franchise Company;
  • Development of Franchise Agreement;
  • Creation of additional agreements necessary for franchising, such as licensing agreements, sub-leases, contracts for the franchised business;
  • Compilation of Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD);
  • Transfer of franchises;
  • Termination of franchises.

For more information of the services we provide to franchisors, contact us, Courtney L. Campbell, Attorney at Law, today.

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