Helping You Form Your Business

As a new business owner, you have worked hard to obtain the necessary capital to start your business. You should not have to risk your personal assets in the business as well. The Law Offices of Courtney L. Campbell helps entrepreneurs and prospective business owners in central Indiana establish the appropriate business entity, taking measures to help owners minimize their personal liability.

As a business typically involves more than one owner, we also prepare operating agreements, bylaws, shareholder agreements and other types of agreements so that the management of the business operates smoothly and the rights of all owners in the business are protected in accordance with their investment and expectations. After all, the best time to decide how a business should be operated is before the business is open and capital has been spent.

For any startup business, we also assist in securing any funding. In addition to investment by the owners, the business may consider personal loans or bank loans. We prepare loan agreements to meet the expectations of the parties involved, and assist the business in preparing its documentation in order to obtain any bank loans.

Operating a business involves many key parts. One essential part is protection of trade secrets and confidential information. This proprietary information enables the business to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. Accordingly, we help businesses put in place confidentiality agreements and covenants not to compete in order to ensure this information remains secret or confidential. Likewise, we help the business obtain protection of its intellectual property that is exposed to the public, through tools such as trademarks and copyrights.

Buying An Existing Business Or Franchise

Should you choose to purchase an established business rather than start your own, we assist you in performing your “due diligence,” thoroughly analyzing the ongoing business to determine if the purchase is right for you. If you wish to proceed in purchasing the business, we help you put together a letter of intent outlining the terms of your offer. Our representation continues until the business is successfully transferred, ensuring a smooth transition of ownership.

If you have considered starting a business but fear the financial risk involved, you may wish to consider operating a franchise. A franchise allows you to own and run a business under a brand name. In owning a franchise, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

We work with potential franchisees in determining whether franchising is right for them. We help clients consider factors that are not always immediately apparent when entering into this type of relationship:

  • Evaluate the Franchise Offering;
  • Compatibility with your goals and objectives; and
  • Review and analysis of the Franchise Agreement.

Many considerations need to be undertaken by the owners before any business launch. With our experience, we are there every step of the way to ensure the business launch is a successful one. To get started, call our firm today by calling 317-643-5412 or reaching out online.

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