Bringing Families Together And Helping Businesses Thrive

Our law firm helps individuals, families, and businesses achieve their goals by overcoming the legal barriers that stand in the way. Through immigration and business counseling, The Law Offices of Courtney L. Campbell helps clients achieve their personal, professional and business goals. We help families unite across international boundaries, and help businesses expand internally and globally. Our knowledge and experience in both immigration and business law allow us to represent clients from a global perspective.

Helping Individuals, Families and Businesses Reach Beyond Borders

We help American businesses form and expand their operations, and serve individuals, families and businesses in all immigration matters.

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Modern Representation For A Global Community

We live today in a global community. Increasingly, Americans propose marriage to foreign fiancés or marry foreign spouses. Additionally, more and more central Indiana families reach out to adopt foreign children whose parents can longer provide for them. Our firm ensures those foreign spouses, fiancés and children enjoy a smooth immigration to the United States, uniting families who are kept otherwise apart.

We also assist Indianapolis businesses looking to expand by helping them hire foreign talent. In order to stay competitive in the global economy, a business needs to acquire the best talent. Sometimes that talent may come from outside the United States. We have helped businesses secure both permanent and temporary foreign employees in order for the business to expand and create new opportunities for all Americans.

Conversely, foreign entrepreneurs and investors often look to the United States to open business enterprises. In creating businesses in the United States, these foreign entrepreneurs and investors create jobs and expand opportunities for Americans. We help these foreign entrepreneurs and investors make sure their ventures open successfully, for the benefit of our local community and the global market.

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Promoting The Success Of Local Businesses

Our economic life has become increasingly interdependent, and competitive, within the global community. A startup business today needs to act locally, but think globally. Our firm creates a solid legal foundation for startup businesses in order to ensure a successful launch. On an ongoing basis, we assist businesses in not only meeting day-to-day demands, but extraordinary ones as well.

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